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- In the Elite Futsal Supplemental training program, there is no league (Stay in your team/club), There is no games (Stay with your coach), it’s all about improvement.

- Game intelligence and proper mindset

- Coachability and special awareness

- Ball control and passing accuracy

- Assessing the risk (1 v 1) and tactical knowledge (soccer IQ)

- With countless 1v1 duels, supplemental futsal will help the players on the soccer field about (What to do, How to do, Where to do, When to do, Who and Why to do).

2008;2009;2010 (7 pm)

2011;2012;2013 (8 pm)

- Sportsplex at Metuchen

- Boys: (Tue/Thu) 7-9pm

- Girls: (Mon/Wed) 7-9pm

- Starting: March 6th

- 8 Sessions: $285

- Drop-in: $50

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