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How do you play with your back to the goal?
Which options do you have to score?
How to control?
How to move?

Face to face with the goalkeeper?
Which options do you have?
Which technique can you use?
How hit the ball and why?

Game reading

Soccer IQ

Cognitive development 

Decision making

Prepare your kids for showcases and tryouts!

The aim of this event is to promote Futsal as an amazing talent factory that have been producing many good players in South America and also countries like Spain and Portugal.
More touches, quick thinking, and creativity: During a futsal match or training, each player will likely touch the ball many more times than they would if on a soccer field. Everything is faster on a Futsal court, so players must develop “quick thinking” skills, Proper mindset, improve Cognitive development, Game reading and Soccer IQ.

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants must meet the following prerequisite :

Previous soccer experience;

Willing to go deep and excel in soccer.

“All players are required to register to pay the annual insurance fee. This is a one time registration and the cost is $11 for the year for 8/1/23 to 7/30/24. If you have already done this you can ignore this part.”


Igor Romariz


Keep your coach, keep your club and join our enrichment and supplemental futsal program!

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